04 Apr 2018

JFY, flying high in New Zealand.

You could forgive Imran Mustafa for being enthusiastic about the recent arrival of JFY in New Zealand. But when you take Imran’s experience and background into consideration, you quickly see that his excitement is well and truly justified. That’s because JFY’s range of machines set a new benchmark for high quality and exceptional value. Having recently returned from the JFY factory in China, Imran has seen first hand what an exceptional facility it has become. “I’ve worked all over the world, the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and the JFY manufacturing plant in Yangzhou City is as modern, clean and advanced as any I’ve seen anywhere,” says Imran.

Located about 2 hours drive north west of Shanghai, Yangzhou is on the northern bank of the Yangtze River. It also happens to be home to one of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world, dating back to 485 BC. These people are also famous for their hand-woven paintings and handicrafts, so there’s a very long history of quality manufacturing!

JFY and TRUMPF, an unbeatable combination.

During his visit, Imran met with JFY people from every corner of the business including sales, technology, research & development and after sales and service. But as well as the JFY team there’s a large contingent from joint venture partner and world leading machine tools giant, TRUMPF.

“Primarily, TRUMPF was involved in the construction of the new factory,” Imran explains. “Since then, Germany based TRUMPF has played a significant role in upgrading and revamping the R&D and production departments at JFY. To that effect, they have completely redesigned the production floor, even signs are in both German and Chinese, and made it into a ‘Lean Production Floor.’ On the R&D side of things, Trumpf has sent in their experts for improving the overall design and development capabilities of the team, the results of which are clearly visible in superior performance and aesthetics of the latest models.

Prior to JFY NZ, Imran worked for Maxim Integrated Products in the USA and Siemens Engineering in Germany and the Middle East. As well as working with sheet metal processing machinery, he’s had vast experience with electrical generators, pumps, E-motors, automation control systems and geared motors. Imran’s qualifications include a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Business.

Proven around the world, now in NZ

“It’s all about meeting demand,” says Imran, “the manufacturing world just can’t get enough of JFY machinery. The current output for the Turret punch press is close to 600 machines per year and for the Press brakes and Shearing machines is close to 1,200 machines annually. For the Laser Cutting machines its 150 per year, however once the production from the new factory comes online, the output of Laser machines will increase to 300 per year.”

Currently covering an area of 119,000 sqm, the factory will soon almost double in size to 229,000 sqm.

As for quality control, every product and machine that leaves the factory is tested as per the latest ISO/CE Certification requirements. Furthermore, all machines go through a rigorous 36/48 hours “Empty machine run” before dispatch.

However, if a custom-built machine is needed, JFY can design and build bespoke machine systems to meet specific customer requirements. These include Combi machines, automatic Loading & Unloading systems, Robotic arms and much more.

Rely on JFY.

JFY is committed for the long-term in NZ. As well as establishing its Head Office in Auckland, they have a national team of factory trained service engineers and support staff to deliver technical support and spares where and when they’re needed.

“JFY is the full package,” says Imran. “Where New Zealand metal processors may have once settled for a second hand machine, now they can upgrade to a new JFY machine for much the same price and get the performance, support and return on investment they’re looking for.”